Physically Challenged Top Structure

Product description:
The Physically Challenged structure is designed to accommodate the needs of the physically challenged. It is easy accessible for a wheelchair to enter, to move backwards and forward without being hampered due to its dimensions. The pedestal is also positioned in such a manner that allows the physically challenged easy movement from the wheelchair onto the pedestal. Handles are also located inside the structure on both sides of the pedestal which allows the person easy movement to and from the pedestal. The structure can be erected on to two Eldoloo Pit Structures or two brick/block build structures. By rotating the pedestal from one pit to the other, will result in the prolongation of the pit life span.

The concrete top structure consists of:

  • 4 x Side Panels
  • 2 x Side Insert Panels
  • 4 x Back Panels
  • 2 x Roof Panels
  • 1 x Centre Roof Panel
  • 2 x Pit Cover Slabs
  • 1 x Front Base Panel
  • 2 x Base Panels